Cheerleaders with Busty Tits

I was getting bored one night – no date, nothing to do. I flipped through the TV channels but couldn’t find anything that caught my attention. Then, an idea suddenly came to me – watch some tits clips or better yet, hard core porn on my computer. I went to the computer and searched for clips featuring chicks with busty tits.

I scrolled through the search results and found a video with sexy cheerleaders wearing only skimpy uniforms, no top. There were 7 sexy chicks doing their cheerleading routines, jumping up and down and shouting cheers, their busty tits bouncing freely while they continued cheering.

I continued to watch the clip and was greatly rewarded when one chick jumped in front of the others and wiggled her busty tits at them. The girl nearest her stopped cheering and moved to kiss her tits. She didn’t stop at kissing but licked at the hardened nipples and took in as much of the tits as she could inside her mouth. The first girl arched her back to shove more of her titties inside the other girl’s mouth while the rest of the cheerleaders danced on as if nothing is happening in front of them. Then, the two girls switched positions so that the first girl is now sucking the other one’s tits.

By now my cock was rock hard. I touched the head and found a bead of cum at the tip. I rubbed my cock head with one hand while the other hand held my balls. I squeezed the balls lightly while I continued rubbing the head. On the screen, the cheerleaders are forming a circle and seemed to be playing a game. One chick would jump to the center and move around the circle to lick the other’s tits.

My rock hard cock was begging for release but I didn’t want to cum before I could see how the video will end. The camera zoomed in to the chicks’ boobs so that my screen was filled with tits galore. I moved to touch as many tits as I could while I pumped my shaft with the other hand. Faster and faster I stroked my hard cock while the chicks sucked each other’s breasts, with fingers rubbing their clits fast. The video ended with them all lying on the field, spent but with hands still inside their pussies, while I wiped at cum that had spurted on my computer screen.

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My Girlfriend’s Bouncy Tits

For spring break, my girlfriend and I decided to visit her parents. She told me that her parents were strict and that they won’t allow us to sleep in one room together – I had to share a bedroom with her brother. I figured that I could live without sex for some days but was still secretly hoping we’ll find some time to fuck at her parents’ house.

I would sometimes touch her boob tits when no one seems to be watching but that was all we did for some days. Then, four days after we arrived, we suddenly found the house to ourselves. Losing no time, we hurried to her bedroom and locked the door. Our clothes were all gone in an instant. My sexy girlfriend then pushed me to the bed and straddled me. We kissed with fervor, my hands squeezing her ass.

We knew that her parents or brother could come home any minute so we didn’t prolong the foreplay – her pussy was dripping wet and my cock was rock hard, anyway. With her still on top of me, she guided my hard cock to her hole. I grabbed her bouncy tits as I pushed my cock inside her.

Did I mention that my girlfriends tits were gorgeous and big? It felt really good to be holding those big, bouncy tits while she continued to bounce on top of me. I rolled to bring her under me and pulled my cock until only the head is inside her pussy. Then, I slowly pushed about two inches of my cock in but pulled it out again. I did that for several strokes. She was arching towards me, trying to take in as much of my cock as she could.

I rolled over to bring her on top of me again. This time, she pumped with abandon, her bouncy tits moving faster and faster as she bounced up and down. Suddenly, she pushed her hips hard and shuddered. I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock rhythmically until I emptied my load into her pussy.

Afterwards, we went back to the living to watch TV, pretending that nothing happened. Her parents never knew that we fucked in their house.

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Her Beautiful Bouncing Tits

I’ve always known that my wife is sexy and seductive. That is why when she told me at dinner last night that she’d dance naked for me before the night is over, my cock was hard in an instant. I hurried through dinner but she took her time eating. While she was cleaning up, she took off her top and muttered, “It’s getting hot”.

She told me to wait in the living room while she went to our room to do something. She came back wearing a skimpy skirt and no top. I inhaled sharply as I saw her bouncing tits beckon to me. They were inviting me to lick them, take them in my mouth. I moved to touch my wife’s tits but she had backed away saying I have to wait.

Slowly and sexily, she moved to turn the radio on. The DJ was playing an upbeat dance song and my wife danced in time with the music. She would sometimes bend to show tits and nipples that are becoming harder with each movement. Her bouncing tits continued to torture me, my cock was aching to be inside her pussy. Sitting on the couch, I watched her grab her tits and squeezed them. She moaned softly as she pinched her nipples.

Staring at me, she made motions as if she was already fucking me. I couldn’t wait any longer so I got up and grabbed her tits. Those hard tits were heaven to touch, to lick. I spent several minutes pleasuring each swollen globe. She continued to dance to the music while her tits were inside my mouth, my tongue swirling and darting to and fro her nipples.

She took my cock in her hands and went down on me. She licked my balls and my inner thighs before she moved to swallow my shaft. Her hot tongue and lips fucked my cock in slow motions. She sucked on the tip of my cock that I almost exploded. She continued her sexy dance as she moved up to kiss my mouth. Pushing me to the couch, she guided my cock to her waiting pussy. Then she bounced up and down my rock hard cock while her bouncing tits gave a great show.

Alternating slow and fast strokes, she soon brought me to an earth shattering climax. She clenched her pussy as the pleasure intensified. She cummed the instant I shot my hot load inside her. Right then and there, I knew I was the luckiest man alive.

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A Party of Boobs Tits

One hot night, my girlfriend suddenly asked me if I would like to fuck her while her friends watched. I was dumbstruck at first but was happy that she I might soon live my fantasies. I told her calmly that it would greatly please me if we do that. She winked and went to the phone to call her friends.

Within an hour, 5 of her girl friends arrived. One of them brought champagne while two others brought ice cream. We made small talk for a while but my horny girlfriend suddenly took her clothes off, right there in the middle of our living room. The other ladies gathered around her. I turned on the radio and the ladies danced. I could see big bouncing tits everywhere I looked – that is surely enough to make any man get a rock hard cock.

My girl motioned for me to come closer and, at first, we danced to the music. Then, she slowly took my clothes off and her friends gasped at the sight of my hard cock. It was standing in attention and begged to be touched. I didn’t know what she told her friends earlier but one by one they took their clothes off, too. There was an abundance of boobs tits for me to see but I tried to focus on the chick’s tits. I licked her sweet tits while the big bouncing tits continued to distract me as the other ladies danced.

I licked her boobs tits and took her panties off. Her pussy was dripping wet and I let the tip of my cock kiss her pussy hole. With her friends watching around us, I slowly inserted my dick inside her wet cunt. She moaned as I pulled out and thrust again. One of her friends came closer as we fucked, she positioned her tits near my mouth. I licked her big boobs while I continued to fuck my girl. The other ladies took cue so that within minutes I had licked all their boobs tits.

I pumped harder while I turned my attention back to my girlfriend’s tits. It was a long, hot fuck so that the other ladies began rubbing their pussies and playing with their tits. I cummed harder than I could remember while all the girls moaned with pleasure as they reached their own climax.

When it was over, everyone was reluctant to move but we decided to do it again next week.

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Fucking My Girl’s Blue Tits

It was Halloween and my girlfriend was getting dressed as a sexy blue witch with blue tits and body. I painted her body earlier so that she can wear the skimpiest dress without looking like a whore. Her top barely covered her gigan tits while the rest of the dress hugged her body closely. The dress was long and reached her ankles but had numerous slits that show her legs every time she moves.

The little kids who knocked for trick-or-treat were awed by her costume while the older boys couldn’t take their eyes off her boobs. She winked at them as they slowly went away. Those boys came back again and again and I laughed every time I saw them lick their lips while staring at her tits. I was, of course, the luckiest of all because I’ll be able to tit fuck those globes before the night is over. So, for hours I watched her entertain the neighborhood’s kids while I imagined what I would do with her tits.

Late into the evening, when her bag of candies was empty, she came inside the house and winked at me. She mouthed “tit fuck me” as she slowly went up the stairs. Who was I to refuse such a sexy invitation? I hurriedly closed the door and turned off the porch light so that the kids won’t come knocking again. I climbed the stairs two steps at a time and reached our room as she was slipping out of her costume.

She was standing in front of the mirror. She caressed her tits when she saw me come in. I hugged her from behind and reached for her tits. I didn’t know that blue tits can be so sexy but hers beckoned for me to lick them.

She smelled of paint and tasted slightly bitter but I licked her blue tits, anyway. Then, I laid her on the floor next to the mirror and positioned my cock between her tits. I rocked back and forth against her tits, the tit fuck made sexier by our reflection in the mirror. It almost felt like voyeurism, watching ourselves tit fucking in the mirror, so that with a few strokes, I was getting her tits wet with cum.

I tit fucked her one more time before slipping my cock inside her waiting pussy. It was surely a night to remember.

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Licking Bib Tits

I enjoy licking bib tits – my secretary’s (but don’t tell my wife!). One day, while we were staying late at the office to finish some urgent projects, I gazed at my secretary’s tits and slowly rubbed my cock under the table. She was concentrating hard on the files that she didn’t seem to notice that I wasn’t typing hard on my computer but was working on my cock, instead.

She suddenly lifted her hands up to stretch, her big tits forming a sexy outline on her blouse. She caught me watching her boobs and quickly followed where my hands are. She saw me masturbating, she blushed. Then, she quickly recovered and moved towards my desk.

Without a word, she caressed my arms and pulled them out of my pants. She unzipped my fly and ran her fingers up and down my cock. She straddled me and I removed her blouse. I slowly licked her bib tits as she continued on caressing my cock.

Her tits were soft and swollen, they were so different from my wife’s saggy tits. I forgot all about my wife the moment she bent over to lick my cock. I continued to fondle her breasts as she licked me. It was one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had in my life. She alternated slow licks with soft bites as she caressed my balls with her fingers. I blew my load inside her mouth while I squeezed her soft tits.

I laid her on my desk and licked her bib tits hotly. I fondled her pussy’s hard clitoris as she writhed under me. She was moaning softly as I inserted one finger inside her hot hole. With my mouth full of her great tits, I slipped two fingers in. I finger fucked her until she shuddered right there on my desk. I licked my fingers, slick with her juices, as she put her clothes back on.

We resumed working as if nothing happened.

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My Neighbor’s Amazing Tits

My two-story apartment gives me great views of my neighbor’s swimming pool. I would sometimes peek from an upstairs window to see what my sexy neighbor is wearing. I must tell you that she has amazing tits, tits that begged to be taken, to be licked. She flaunts her swollen tits in a skimpy two-piece bikini every time she takes a dip in the pool. The sight of those gigantic tits all wet from swimming never fails to give me a hard on. I didn’t know if she knows that I’m watching her but I soon found it.

One hot summer day, I peeked out the window and saw that she was slowly peeling off her clothing. My cock twitched. Then, to my delight, she took off her bras, too. She reclined on the beach chair and started to fondle her titties. My cock was as hard as rock. To my surprise, she looked in my direction and waved for me to come. I was there in a minute.

She continued to touch her gorgeous tits as I approached. My cock was forming a tent out of my boxers but I was not ashamed. The moment I reached her side, she grabbed my cock. I slowly licked her nipples and she arched her back. I licked her amazing tits while she moved her hands up and down my shaft. I licked her tits slowly and thoroughly.

She motioned for me to tit fuck her. She held her gigantic tits together as I positioned myself in between them. It was heaven to feel her tits against my cock. When I was almost ready to explode, I got off her and licked her tits again. By now, she was writhing on the chair as she was rubbing her pussy lips with her fingers.

As I continued to lick her amazing tits, I slammed my 8-inch cock inside her pussy. She gasped with each thrust. She grabbed my ass to push my cock harder inside her as her body shook towards her climax. When she was finished shaking, I pulled my cock out and slammed it against her gigantic tits, watching them get slick with cum.

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