Donna Issue 6: Bouncy tits reclaimed

bouncy titsLike what Donna said, we remained friends, with no strings attached. So when her ex-boyfriend, Louie, came back to her, I was left alone. She welcomed Louie with open arms. I never made a move to be back again with Jan. I guess Donna grew on me, and when she’s back with Louie, I was devastated. I didn’t speak with her or even look at her when we bumped with each other. Donna tried to talk to me several times but I was the one rejecting her. One day, Donna came to my pad, “You shouldn’t treat me like this, Edward,” she said. “What? What did I do?” I grouchily said. “This. Why are you not talking to me? You can’t even look into my eyes!” “Just don’t bother about me now, Donna. You have your boyfriend back, so we can stop playing house,” I shouted. “Are you jealous? I thought we made it clear that we’re just friends and…” “Of course, I’m jealous. I’m jealous that you are once again Louie’s own girlfriend’s tits. I can’t stand the thought of Louie grabbing your boob tits and fucking you again. I can’t stand it, Donna. I miss you. I miss the way you talk, I miss your kiss, your bouncy tits. I miss everything about you,” I choked. “Oh, Edward. I miss you too,” Donna said. “It’s too late for us, isn’t it? You got Louie back. And I have t live all alone now because I don’t want anybody’s girlfriend’s tits.”

bouncy titsDonna ran to me and kissed me. “Oh, god I miss you,” I whispered when she pulled out from me. “I miss you, too.” I cupped her boob tits and kissed her again. “Can’t we just be the same? Just like then? I want you, but I want Louie, too. Can’t you understand that?” It hurts but I endured it. As much as I want Donna to be with me, and me only, she still wants Louie. I can’t make her choose because I was afraid that she’s gonna choose Louie. I’ll just have to live with the fact that she wants both of us.

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Donna Issue 5: Bouncing tits in the movies

bouncing titsDonna and I went to a movie to see the old film, The Graduate. She seemed very absorbed with Dustin Hoffman’s acting so I made a move that will surely surprise her. I cupped her hard tits and whispered to her, “Let’s do it in the bathroom.” Donna was aroused with the idea, she stood up and headed for the men’s bathroom. Unlike the ladies’ bathroom, men’s bathroom is often vacant, like that time. We entered a cubicle and we started kissing passionately. I kneaded on Donna’s hard tits while I licked her all over her neck. She was moaning and calling my name, it was music to my ears. I unbuttoned her blouse to expose her gorgeous show tits, and I sucked on them while she unzips my pants. She was wearing a skirt so all I have to do is to pull down her panties and ram my hard, throbbing dick inside her already wet cunt. I lifted her and leaned against the bathroom wall while I fuck her hard. “Oh, gosh. Edward. This is great! Ohhh,” she moaned. Her show tits were bouncing with every thrust of my cock.

bouncing titsMy hands gripped on her ass as I fucked her. Donna’s fingernails were digging into my shoulders, and she was shaking, her body was convulsing. “Oh, god. Donna, baby, I’m coming.” Her bouncing tits were rhythmic with my every move. “Yes, baby. I want to feel your hot cum inside me. Oooh, Edward. Ooohh, god, Edward,” Donna cried as she came. I shot my load inside her as I gripped her body, I kissed her on her mouth, feeling her tongue against my tongue. “Oh, gosh. That was amazing,” Donna laughed. We got dressed and stepped out of the cubicle. To our surprise, there’s a young lad, and a grandfather staring at us. We grinned and sneaked out of the bathroom, embarrassed but very satisfied.

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Donna Issue 4: Adventure with her boobs tits

boobs titsJan discovered my tryst with Donna and she broke up with me. So, that left Donna and me, happy fucking each other. We both agreed to not have any formal relationship, whatsoever. We wanted to just be happy with the way we are, and be there when one needs one, and vice versa. We also agreed to just enjoy having sex without any rotten string attached. So there, my adventure with the girl with sweet tits had begun. Donna is really a bomb when it comes to sex. Her big bouncing tits are such a turn on. When I see her boob tits, my cock will instantly get alive and very, very hard. One time, we were walking at the corridor, Donna and I just got home from the movies. Right there at the corridor, I kissed her and grabbed her sweet tits. Donna got so horny, so she lifted her skirt up and instructed me to fuck her right there at the corridor. It was already midnight so the chance of getting caught was very minimal, but we felt very excited with the taught of getting caught. I unzipped my pants and freed my mad man. I made Donna face the wall and I entered her from behind. I was holding Donna’s big bouncing tits while I fucked her. “Ooohh, god. Donna.

boobs titsYou’re cunt is so tight,” I whispered. Then, she faced me and I lifted her against the wall, and I shoved my dick again into her. She shouted loud when she felt my dick smacking right on her g-spot. “Oooh, gosh. Edward! Ohhh. Gosh, Edward. You’re fucking great!!!” I thought the neighbors will hear us, but it seemed that they were all fast asleep or at least pretending to. Donna came with a loud scream and me with a matching growl. Donna and I have so many sex adventures.

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Donna Issue 3: Her Blue Tits

blue titsI felt Donna’s tongue explored my mouth. The sensation was inexplicable. I couldn’t believe that I was finally kissing Donna. I unbuttoned her blouse and took a deep breath when I saw her gigan tits. I snapped off the hook of her bra and sucked her taut nipples. Jan and I have had sex moments ago, but I felt very hungry for Donna. Donna grabbed my hair and moaned with pleasure. She was so horny after her two weeks without sex. “Ooohh, Edward,” she cried. I keened her chest, making her tits blue tits, while I pulled her shorts down. I was so amazed with the sight of a totally naked Donna. The instant I saw her huge boobs, I thought about giving her a tit fuck. I hurriedly got naked and grabbed Donna’s gigan tits and pushed them together. Then I rammed my shaft into her cleavage.

blue titsIt felt like fucking an ass, it was so good. I enjoyed the tit fuck but I wanted Donna to feel my big, hick shaft inside her. So, I jammed my huge dick into her already wet pussy and she screamed, “Oooohh, god. Edward. Ohhhh. You’re bigger than my ex’s.” I humped her hard her head banged against the headboard. “I’ll fuck your tight, little pussy until you’re all sore,” I whispered. “Oooohh, I’d like that. Yes. Fuck me hard. Oooh, fuck me more,” she screamed. I banged her hard until her body shook. Her nails dug into my skin as she shouted, “Ohhh, god. I’m coming! Ohh, yes. Oooh!” She went off, but I continued fucking her so she was still writhing with pleasure, begging me not to stop. “Ooohh, don’t stop now. I’m gonna come again,” Donna moaned. I rolled over without separating our crotches, and she was the one humping me. Donna fucked me hard and I felt the head of my shaft banging against her pelvic walls. “Oh, Donna. You’re amazing!!!” I shot off my load and she collapsed above me. We were panting and all tired when my phone ringed. It was Jan.

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Donna Issue 2: Soon to claim her bib tits

bib titsTwo weeks ago, Donna, the girl next door, and her boyfriend split up. So, my crush Donna, who has great tits, has been very lonely the past two weeks. She is still cheery when I see her, but I hear her sobs at night. I suddenly missed her sexual moans when she was getting fucked by her asshole of a boyfriend. My girlfriend Jan paid me a visit last night and we had sex. I can’t help but compare Jan’s saggy tits with Donna’s great tits. As I fucked Jan, I can’t help myself to see Donna’s face. I sucked Jan’s saggy tits with Donna on my mind. It’s a miracle I haven’t cried Donna’s name when I went off last night. Jan went home without a clue about my cheating thoughts. I called Donna right after Jan left.

bib titsMe: “Hello, Donna. How are you?”
Donna: “I’m fine now. A little lonely but fine.”
Me: “That’s good.”
Donna: “Hey, is your girlfriend there?”
Me: “No. She went home a few minutes ago. Why?”
Donna: “Great. Why don’t you hop in here and share this pizza with me?”
Me: “Okay. After all, I’m starving.”
Donna: “You should be. After your fucking thing, you should be famished.”
Me: “You heard us?”
Donna: “Of course I did. All the time. Don’t tell me, you haven’t heard my moans when Louie and I fuck?”
Me: “Okay. I’m outta here.”

I knocked on Donna’s door and she answered it with a smile. We shared the pizza and chatted for a while. My eyes can’t seem to prevent themselves from looking at Donna’s bib tits. She noticed it and said, “You like me, don’t you, Edward?” Without saying a word, I kissed her. Donna kissed me back and I knew that she likes me, too.

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Donna Issue 1: Amazing Tits

amazing titsI have this pretty neighbor with gigantic tits. She lives just next to my unit and she is really friendly with me. I would really like to spend time with her if not for our respective partners. You see, she has a boyfriend who visits her everyday and I have girlfriend, too, who do just the same. The pretty girl’s name is Donna. She works as a cashier in a store nearby. She has a knock-out body that makes me want to fuck her. Sometimes, when my girlfriend Jan and I fuck, I imagine it was Donna I’m fucking. I imagine to lick her gorgeous tits and to feel her tight pussy with my fingers. When Donna’s boyfriend comes after dinner, I hear them fuck. I’ll just close my eyes and imagine Donna’s gigantic tits banging against my face as she ride me fast and hard. I will find myself beating off while I hear Donna’s soft moans and cries. I wish I could touch Donna’s gorgeous tits. I wish I could ram my hard dick into her cunt.

amazing titsOne night, after a noisy sex that rocked the whole apartment, Donna and her boyfriend have had a fight. Her asshole of a boyfriend walked out of her and left Donna crying at the door. I approached Donna and said things to make her feel better. She wrapped her arms around me and cried on my shoulder. I felt her amazing tits against my chest and instantly, I had a hard-on. “Thank you for being there for me,” she said. I looked into her eyes and answered, “You’re always welcome, Donna. You’re always welcome.” She smiled and pulled away from my arms. “That bastard. I caught him calling another girl. I heard he was planning to meet the bitch at eight,” she said, fuming. “Don’t waste your time on him. He’s not worth it,” I said. “Yeah. I know. You know what, Edward? Your girlfriend is lucky to have you,” she smiled. She bid me goodnight and entered her pad. If only Donna knew how badly I wanted her to become my girlfriend.

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Sucking my Roommate’s Epic Tits

I signed up to live in a co-ed dorm. Somehow, they mistook my name, Sandy, as that of a girl because I was assigned a room with a woman. When I entered the room and realized the mistake, I moved to go out and have it corrected but the woman inside turned her face to the door and all my thoughts of looking for another room flew away. I could see her epic tits almost bursting out her low necked top.

She told me she didn’t mind sharing a room with a thick-cocked man. My jaw dropped at her statement but I didn’t wait for her to change her mind, I immediately placed my bags on top of the bed opposite hers.

Having a hot roommate posed some problems to me because my cock was hard most of the time, especially when she comes out of the shower with just a small towel wrapped around her body. She didn’t mind that I ogled her. In fact, she seems to be enjoying my agony.

Each night, she tortures me with her moans as she touched herself until she cummed. I know that she was doing it on purpose but I was too shy to do something about it.

Then, one particularly hot night, I could hear her moaning again. When I looked at her, she was buck naked and was touching her epic tits with one hand while the other is finger fucking her pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her writhing body. I know that she was putting this show for me so I closed the distance between our beds and touched her model tits. She moaned with pleasure and guided my hands where hers had been. Her hot pussy was so wet that two of my fingers easily slipped inside. My thumb formed circles on her clit while I inserted one more finger inside her cunt.

She grabbed my cock and whispered, “I knew you have a thick cock the moment I saw you!” – that made my cock grow even bigger and harder. “Punish me with that hard cock!” she screamed.

I didn’t wait for a second invitation, I removed my boxers and pushed my hard cock inside her. I squeezed her epic tits while I licked and sucked at her nipples. Fighting hard not to cum before she does, I pleasured her with tits games that had her arching her back and moaning with pleasure.

I felt a tingling in my balls and knew that I would cum soon. I sucked her nipples with abandon until she bucked her hips and shook violently. Her orgasm was so intense that her pussy muscles clenched rhythmically to milk my cock as I cummed, too. That night, I slept beside her, cuddling her.

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Charming Tits of a Busty Nurse

I was visiting a friend confined at the hospital when I met this busty nurse named Suzette. We chatted for a while about my friend’s condition as she took his vital signs and wrote something on the chart. I watched her charming tits heaving as she breathed though they were covered by her white nurse’s uniform. She must have noticed my interest because before she went out, she slipped a piece of paper into my pocket.

“A prescription for you,” she said. I was puzzled because I know nurses could not issue prescriptions. I smiled when I read the “prescription” because it contained a number and an address. I slipped it back inside my pocket and continued chatting with my friend.

I forgot all about the little paper as I went to work. When I got home late that evening, I hang my pants on the rack and the paper fell. With nothing much to do, I decided to call the number. After just 1 ring, she picked the phone up and breathlessly whispered, “hello”. I knew then that she was waiting for my call. I could just imagine her bug tits rising and falling as she breathed.

I told her to meet me at an Italian pizzeria some blocks away from her apartment. Thirty minutes after, we were talking as if we knew each other for years while we waited for our pizza to arrive. She’s not wearing her nurse uniform anymore but a sexy red sundress.

When our food arrived, she whispered, “I’ve got no panties on” and blushed. Then, she took a bite on her pizza coyly. I shifted on the seat and looked down at my pants as my erection pushed through the thin material of my pants. I fought for control and managed to eat like I was unaffected. She scooted closer to me and I could feel her charming tits touch my arm.

Luckily, the table was draped by a floor-length cloth. Since we were in the corner of the room, no one noticed that I slipped my fingers inside her dress. We continued eating while I finger fucked her, her hug tits brushing hotly on my skin through the thin layer of her sundress.

She closed her eyes and shuddered as she bit into the pizza when she reached her climax. She then whispered that I could take her home and finished what we started. We hurried out and did just what she had suggested.

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Watching Cartoon Tits Flicks with My Buddy

Dan was my best friend since middle school, there are no secrets between us. Growing up, we would discuss masturbation, the best ways to cum, kissing girls, making them cum, and stuff like that. One day, he told me that he found this online site full of cartoon characters fucking. I laughed because I thought he was joking but stopped when I realized that he was serious.

“Seeing those cartoon tits being sucked by cartoon guys gave me an instant hard on”, he said. “Come over my house and I’ll show you some of the clips I had downloaded.” Of course, I didn’t need a second invitation.

We hurried to his house and he closed the drapes around the living room. Then, he turned the computer on. He had this big computer screen so we could easily watch the clips while we sat on the couch. He started playing tits vids of real chicks first, then, he played the cartoon flicks.

The sight of cartoon tits almost popping out the computer screen gave me a hard on. The videos are truly erotic. The vids must have been created by an expert because all the characters moved like they were real people and showed different emotions on their faces. I gasped when the video suddenly zoomed in on the cock pumping hard on the chick’s pussy. My friend laughed at me but I know he was affected, too.

The man in the flick sucked at the chick’s breast tits hard so that the chick moaned hard and arched her back. Then, he touched the girl’s clit and made her scream with pleasure. My hand moved to touch my hard cock on top of my pants. I glanced quickly at Dan and saw that he had his hands inside his pants already. His eyes were glued to the screen. Taking cue from him, I reached inside my pants to touch my dick.

So, while the cartoon man continued to suck the cartoon tits and pump hard into the cartoon pussy, two young men masturbated on the couch. Moments later, Dan moaned and shuddered in his climax while I pumped harder until I shot my load inside my pants. I had to borrow Dan’s boxers but he didn’t really mind. It was one of the best masturbation sessions we’ve ever had.

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